Hi! 👋 I'm Subeen Park

*** CAUTION ***
- This blog is currently under TOTAL RECONSTRUCTION!
- I will reupload my visualisation/data science projects back after code cleanups are done.
- Nowadays I am under overwhelming courseworks but (hopefully🥲) circumstances will get better soon...

I am an undergraduate student in Seoul National University, studying Earth Environmental Sciences, Computer Science and Engineering, and Business Administration. (Yes! Triple major!) Until last spring, I was deeply engaged in mesoscale atmospheric modeling, but ironically while conducting the research.. I got obsessed with DATA VISUALISATION📊! (To be honest, actually I’ve been in love with graphs and charts as far as I can remember haha😊) As a result, currently I am participating in KixLAB as a undergraduate researcher and my primary research interests are data visualisation and CSCW(Computer-Supported Cooperative Work).

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